Planer / AN-926P



Equipped with digital position controller.Straight cutterhead is standard.
Helical cutterhead and quick change cutterhead
are optional.
Variable feed speed through variable pulley is
Single infeed roller, twin outfeed rollers combined
with twin table rollers exhibit powerful and stable
feeding effect.
Variable feed speed controlled by a frequency
inverter is optional.
Powered table elevation.
The table is supported by 4 oversized columns.
Automatic power off when the top cover is opened



Table area 660 x 920 mm
Max. planing width 660 mm
Max. planing thickness 300 mm
Min. planing thickness 3 mm
Max. cutting depth 9 mm
Knives Straight cutterhead 4
Helical cutterhead 6 Slots / 168 pcs
Knife sizes Straight cutterhead 660 x 30 x 3 mm
Helical cutterhead 14 x 14 x 2.0 mm
Cutterhead speed 5000 rpm
Cutterhead diameter 125 mm 100 mm / 125 mm
Cutterhead motor 10 HP
Elevation motor 1/4 HP
Feed speed 5-20 m/min
Feed motor 1 HP
Net weight 900 kgs
Gross weight 980 kgs
Packing size (L x W x H) 132 x 110 x 143 cm
Machine size (L x W x H) 115 x 92 x 135 cm
* All specifications and design characteristics shown in this catalogue are subject to change
   without notice.



Variable feed speed through variable pulley is standard.

Variable feed speed controlled by a frequency
inverter is optional.

TMD Series
Planing / Multi-Profiling

Versatile and Efficient Cutting
To planning and profiling ( grooved,
terrace deckings,…) quickly and
easily in just one production step.

Profiling width (Max.) 660 mm
Profiling depth (Max.) 15 mm
4 Slots Tersa knives
2 Slots Dovetail profiling knives
2 Slots Sodil profiling knives

  • Pressure mechanism is easy to adjust.
  • Equipped with anti-kickback fingers for safety.

  • Rubber infeed and outfeed rollers are standard.
  • Steel infeed and outfeed rolers are optional.

4-Column Table Support
The table is firmly supported by 4 oversized columns, assuring maximum rigidity and stability during heavy planing.

Frequency Inverter (Optional)
Upon request, the feed speed can be controlled by a frequency inverter. It provides variable speed changes for cutting various hard and soft wood materials.

PMA Series (Optional)

  • H.S.S. straight knives.
  • 4 slots.
  • Quick lock system.

HMR Series (Optional)

  • Helical cutterhead.
  • Curved-edge inserts.
  • 6 slots standard design.

HMS Series (Optional)

  • Helical cutterhead.
  • Square-edge inserts.
  • 6 slots standard design.